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5 Signs he’s really into you even if it seems like he doesn’t show it

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Communicating with people of the opposite sex can often feel like trying to build the Tower of Babel – we certainly do not speak the same language, and get scattered in different directions every time we try.

Although each person has his or her own “love language,” it can be difficult to believe that not everyone demonstrates affection or interest in the same way we do. Sometimes, even if the person we like is sending us signals, we miss them because we are looking for the wrong ones. With that being said, here are five indications he’s actually into you, but might not show it the way you expect.

He remembers your pet lizard’s birthday
Perhaps he doesn’t throw rocks at your window or leave Shakespearean love sonnets on your desk, but he does remember that you’re going to Cape May on the 16th and that your cat, Martha, just had five kittens.

Some men do not extravagantly display their affection because they do not believe that these gestures actually validate or equate to romantic feelings. Others are simply quite shy and feel uncomfortable indicating their interest in grandiose ways.

In the absence of explicit displays of affection, a good sign that he’s into you is that he pays very close attention when you speak. If he doesn’t have to make a conscious effort to remember what you’ve told him, it’s probably because he’s genuinely interested.

He asks you if the sky is blue
If he’s a calculus professor and asks you to help him add “2 2,” chances are he’s just looking for a reason to talk to you. Sometimes men invite your input on questions they might already know the answers to or have opinions about. In all likelihood, this is because they value your opinion, just want to spend time with you, or both. In other words, they like you.

He lingers and lingers…and lingers some more
You stay at the office ‘till the crack of dawn, and so does he. If he chooses to spend time with you even when it’s inconvenient or difficult, he probably has a thing for you.

Quality time is one of the most common love languages for men, and even in the absence of other signs, can indicate that they have a crush.

He acts like a peacock
He straightens up, arches his back, and puts his colourful feathers on display every time he sees you.

When a man physically “expands” his body to take up more space (otherwise known as “peacocking”), he is often subconsciously asserting his masculinity in an effort to attract you. If you observe this behaviour often, you’re probably interacting with a guy who likes you. Or maybe you’re just at the zoo, looking at an actual peacock.

He always seems to text you when you’re on Instagram
If your crush always reaches out when you’re online, this could be a sign that he’s waiting for that green light to pop up and indicate your availability. Perhaps he is afraid of you dismissing or rejecting his advance, and wants to make sure that you are near your phone when his text comes through.

This James Bond-like behaviour can indicate that your man of interest wants to take you out.

Source: Women Working

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