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Reliable informants led to rescue of Canadian girls – ACP Eklu

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The police administration has disagreed with suggestions that it put in more effort in finding the two kidnapped Canadian girls as compared to the effort in finding the three missing Takoradi girls.

According to the police, the two scenarios are not the same, and it was therefore not fair to make that kind of comparison.

Lauren Patricia Catherine Tilley, 19, and Bailey Jordan Chitty, 20, were abducted on June 4, 2019, in Kumasi while returning to their hostel from a youth development programme organised by Youth Challenge International.

At the Asokwa Four-Junction area, Lauren, Bailey and a third person told their colleagues they were going to their hostel at Nhyiaeso around the Royal Gulf Club.

They were however kidnapped on their way and in the early hours of Wednesday June 12, 2019, National Security operatives completed an operation which successfully rescued the two Canadian women.

There have been suggestions that because the two Canadians were foreigners and their kidnapping had international ramifications for Ghana, the police administration put in more effort and within one week, they were able to find them as against the three missing girls from Takoradi, who have not been found since last year.

But in a radio interview monitored by Graphic Online on Radio Ghana Wednesday night, the Director General of Police Public Affairs Unit, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Mr David Eklu disagreed with the public suggestions and said the two scenarios were not the same.


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