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Coalition of Nabco trainees call for support, threaten to demonstrate in May

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The coalition of Nation Builders Corps (NaBco) trainees has called for support from all trainees and sympathisers over their collective effort to seek for parity, probity and betterment of the welfare of trainees under the NaBco initiative.

This was disclosed in a communique issued by the coalition on Tuesday 23 April 2019.

According to the coalition, a one week monitoring period elapsed last week Thursday without full acquaintances and absolute fulfillment of their grievances which led to a demonstration held by the group on April 12.

It pointed out that the Coalition is “very disgruntled of the prolonged period taking to equalise all Trainees by full settlement of those with outstanding arrears and put them at par with the rest of the colleagues.”

The coalition stated it demanded for “full settlement of arrears dated back” as far as “November.” However, there are still segment of Trainees “who haven't been paid from November Up to date. KMA alone represents over 25 Trainees under wrong USN category.”

It continued that there are segments of trainees “who recently got paid Nov/Dec arrears but haven't been remitted January and February arrears and “Who before the Easter break received January stipends without February.”

The coalition also demanded for “payment of March stipend and regularisation of subsequent payments, which hasn't been met” and informed Trainees that whiles it finally apportions this week to justify the position its second demand trainees should “prepare ourselves for upcoming Demonstration in early days of May, if the grievances of the trainees remain unaddressed.

It is therefore calling on government to “Pay us all unpaid allowances (from November to date) pay March Stipend and regularise subsequent payments” and is demaning that all “unplaced Trainees be equally placed as soon as possible.”

The group also called on all “Nation Builders and compatriots to abolish an emerging association cloned NABTAG purporting to champion the course of Trainees under the leadership of Dennys Okatakyei of KMA, who has been rude, incapacitated, lacks commitment and apparently lackadaisical in addressing the problems of Trainees within his enclave nevertheless championing the absolute course of Trainees Nationwid” and entreated it members to continue to rally their supports behind the ‘Coalition of Nabco Trainees and neglect the prejudices, sabotage and other malicious promulgations out there.”

Some Nation Builders Corps (NaBCo) trainees issued a notice to demonstrate on 12 April 2019 to voice their displeasure over their unpaid stipends.

According to the leadership of the group, the option of a demonstration to address their grievances follows many unsuccessful appeals to the NaBCo CEO and the government to pay them.

The group said its members in Ga North have not been paid since January while all other trainees have not received their February and March allowances.

The aggrieved trainees said due to the delay in payments, they are unable to plan and that has brought them many challenges.

Some 100,000 beneficiaries were commissioned under seven modules which include Feed Ghana, Educate Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Heal Ghana, Enterprise Ghana, Digitise Ghana and Governance Ghana.

Source: Ghana/ClassFMonline.com/91.3FM

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