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Bank of Africa migrates Internet Banking from Bweb to BOAweb

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Bank of Africa has successfully migrated its internet banking platform Bweb to a more secured system with a user-friendly interface and convenient platform called BOAweb.

This follows the bank’s successful recent recapitalisation sanctioned by Bank of Ghana.

The bank, at the beginning of the year, had indicated its readiness to be more customer focused and has promised to invest heavily in its technology to enhance service quality.

The newly-advanced internet banking platform is more secure, as it has an authentication system.

The customer does not need any additional physical device or hardware to access the platform.

BOAweb generates an electronic codes called the digi pass which can be accessed on mobile devices.

The new update of the bank’s internet banking application could be seen as part of the Bank’s innovation and technology driven agenda. It is anticipated that the usage of BOAweb will improve service delivery.

Source: Bank of Africa

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