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Cholera 'confirmed in Mozambique'

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The Mozambican authorities say that cholera has emerged in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai, AFP news agency reports.

"We have five cases of cholera which have been confirmed. This is in Beira and the area around," Mozambique's Environment Minister Celso Correia is quoted by AFP as saying.

More than 450 people in Mozambique died as a result of the cyclone, which ripped up buildings and submerged parts of Beira and much of the land nearby.

Source: BBC

The Reuters news agency has been speaking to Ussein Isse, a senior Mozambican health official, who expressed concern about what might happen next.

"[Cholera] will spread. When you have one case, you have to expect more cases in the community," he is quoted as saying.

The World Health Organization is sending 900,000 doses of a cholera vaccine, Reuters reports.

Source: BBC

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