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Pass Blood Service Bill – NBS-Ghana

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The National Blood Service Ghana has called on the government to pass the National Blood Service Bill into law.

According to NBS-Ghana CEO, Dr Justina Ansah, the bill, if passed into law, will promote effective blood collection, administering and standard compliance.

In an interview with Class News' Jerry Akornor after the National Blood Service-Ghana’s 2018 Annual Performance Review in Accra, Dr Ansah added that the law will give legal backing to help nail practitioners who breach the rules of engagement with regards to how they handle blood.

She said: “When there is a policy and it’s not backed by law, it is like having the document there but it’s the law that gives it hands and feet. It gives it teeth to be able to bite…

“So, we need the law to also help us when people have done things that they need to be reprimanded for and all that. A lot of the guidelines are documented, but if you have a law backing you, then if somebody is not going according to the standards, the person can be held for not conforming to the standards.

“Again [as it is now], when we decide certain policies, people can decide to take it or not but when the agency is backed by law and it covers every blood service centre either in the north, central or southern zone, we’ll all conform”.

Source: Ghana/AccraFM.com/100.5FM

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