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Ghana's progress depends on attitude – CPP

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The Conventions People’s Party (CPP) has said Ghana’s progress largely depends on the attitudes of Ghanaians.

The CPP has, thus, encouraged Ghanaians not to take the peace of the nation for granted.

In its goodwill message to Ghanaians on the occasion of the nation’s 62nd Independence Day celebration on Tuesday, 6 March 2019, the CPP said: “We can be grateful to ourselves for the various roles we have played not to allow this nation to disintegrate despite the many pieces of evidence of nation-wrecking trigger elements amongst us. But we must be careful not to take our peace for granted.

“We need to encourage and promote the things that have kept us together and promoted unity despite the threats of deeds that may tear us apart. Our boarding school system has contributed greatly in creating harmony and cohesion among us despite our differences. Our secularity has allowed for the exercise of religious liberty without anyone feeling less important or forced to exercise some faith or belief.

“The unitary form of government and maintenance of political pluralism have allowed for the expression of all manner of views including unethical and reprehensible ones.

“That means we must shun the elements that may threaten our peace such as intolerance, greed, abuse of power, and disrespecting the views of others.

“We wish all Ghanaians a hearty and reflective celebration. We pray that Ghana identifies and sticks to her mandate as the hope of Africa. May we find inspiration in the deeds of our forebears for ours.

“May we learn from the mistakes our forebears to avert ours. May we learn to live lives that would inspire generations following us. May God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.”

Source: Ghana/AccraFM.com/100.5FM

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