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Men of today are boring - Princess Shyngle

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Ghanaian-based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle is very well known for her tiny waist and listing the number of ‘big boys’ who have tasted her ‘akosua-kuma’.

She’s also loud when it comes to matters relating to s3x; in a recent post sighted on Instagram, the actress shared a video of a male and female who were kissing passionately and then she captioned it saying she misses kissing the same way as seen in the video.

She then continued to say that men of these days are just in a rush to ‘knack’ which is so boring.

Well for some men, their policy is why the delay in dribbling the goalkeeper to score a goal when you can actually place the ball swiftly into the back of the net with a curly shot?Lol

Ladies and gents, share your experience with us since we’re in the month of love; do you like it ‘pashew’ or delayed tactics just like how Princess Shyngle likes it?

Source: ghbase.com

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