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Prince's estate wants to ban Trump from playing 'Purple Rain'

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Prince was extremely selective about how his music was distributed.

The crooner was notorious for having unathorized footage and performances removed from various platforms.

In the wake of his 2016 death, Prince's estate is upholding his selectiveness. They recently filed a cease and desist against none other than Donald Trump.

Trump has played Prince's classic single, "Purple Rain" during several of his controversial rallies.

Once Prince's estate got word of the unauthorized use of the song, the immediately issued a cease and desist.

Family spokesperson Omarr Baker took to Twitter revealing the update.

Before his death, Prince was known for yanking video footage of his performances and songs off of YouTube. He managed to keep his music off of streaming services, until he made a deal with Tidal after it launched.

Donald Trump has yet to comment.

Source : BET

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