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Enact law to keep cocoa trees for 30yrs – Farmers

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The President of the Concerned Cocoa Farmers Association, Nana Oboadie Opambour Bonsu Boateng II, has asked the government to sanction individuals and entities involved in felling cocoa trees for rubber plantations.

In his view, the conduct of the culprits causes financial loss to the state.

Nana Boateng II said the government of Ghana gives out 50,000 seedlings to cocoa farmers for free every year and, so, if farmers deliberately cut down cocoa trees then those involved must be prosecuted.

He was speaking to Don Kwabena Prah Jnr (The Don) on Ghana Yensom on Accra100.5FM on Thursday, 4 October 2018.

Nana Boateng II said: “People are just cutting down cocoa trees, cocoa has no future, 2000 cocoa plantations have been cut down for the plantation of rubber but the cutting down of the cocoa trees is not the wish of the farmers, some are under pressure.”

Nana Boateng II suggested that since the government provides free cocoa seedlings, it should also send monitoring teams to inspect the farms.

He suggested a law be enacted to ensure that farmers who benefit from the free cocoa seedlings keep their trees for 30 years before cutting them down.

Mr. Boateng urged the government to put in place measures to stop the farmers from cutting down cocoa trees for rubber plantation.

Source : Ghana/AccraFM.com/100.5FM

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