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Cash donations after Somali man burned alive

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Somalis are raising funds for the family of a man who was burned alive over his nephew's plans to marry a woman from a different ethnic group.

Ahmed Mukhtar Salah was the uncle of an ethnically Bantu man who became secretly engaged to a woman from a noble clan. When the couple ran away, the woman's family urged Mr Ahmed to bring her back.

The BBC's Ibrahim Aden says that the young woman's father eventually decided to give the couple his blessing, whereas her mother and other family members refused to do so.

Last week, Mr Mukhtar Salah's was stabbed and burnt to death in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu.

Police have since arrested the mother of the young woman and several other people in connection with the attack.

Local media reports show a large turnout for Mr Mukhtar Salah's burial on Sunday.

Source : BBC

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