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I kissed Essien because we were dating – Princess Shyngle

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Princess Shyngle has confessed she dated Ghanaian football star, Micheal Essien and that is why she was kissing him in public a while ago.

According to the reports, Princess Shyngle was spotted kissing Micheal Essien at Checkers pub in Accra.

Princess Shyngle in a yet to be aired interview with Delores Frimpong Manson on the Delay show confessed that indeed she dated Micheal Essien.

She was responding to a question from Delay if Micheal Essien was one of the 99% of guys who couldn’t satisfy her as she stated earlier in her post on Instagram when the bombshell was dropped.

She first attempted to deny but when Delay asked her why was she kissing him in public at Checkers pub, the Gambian socialite based in Ghana finally stated that she dated Micheal Essien.

The actress went on to talk about when they dated and how long it lasted. Currently, the Ghana Blackstar legend is married to a pretty lady called Akosua Puni.

Source: ghpage.com

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