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Future shuts down woman bragging he offered to fly her out

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Clout chasers are super annoying, and unfortunately a lot of them get unchecked.

Fortunately though, an Instagram user recently tried to pull a fast one for fame on Future and got all the way shut down.

The user named real.shyanne recently posted a pic of a Photoshopped Instagram DM conversation with the Atlanta rapper that showed he fictitiously sent a message reading “Wya? Im bout to fly you out,” under which she captioned, “Welp thats my mil ticket , bye all.”

Future then took to his IG Story and aired it all the way out after he captioned under her post, “Dats cap..,it was allll a dream! Nice Photoshop,enjoy.”

“When u decline thots they make up s**t...no fly zone,” he wrote over the DM convo, during which the IG user messaged him, “Lemme have you.” “I’m sure someone like u jus not me,” he continued.

Welp, that’s exposure we’re pretty sure the young woman wasn’t looking for. Lesson hopefully learned.

Source : BET

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