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'Save trees when roasting Eid sheep'

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People in Niger are being urged to curb their use of firewood at next week's Eid al-Adha Muslim festival.

It is an occasion when families often sacrifice sheep before roasting and eating them.

The capital, Niamey, is expected to burn around a fifth of the amount of the wood normally used in a whole year.

The chopping of trees is linked to desertification, which in recent decades has had a drastic impact on Niger.

During Eid, known locally as "Tabaski", the authorities in Niger expect close to 400,000 sheep to be sacrificed in Niamey alone.

To roast them, almost 50,000 tonnes of firewood will be used.

'Use coal instead'
The head of Niamey's environment agency, Col Oumarou Alou, called on people to use coal instead and said officials would be stopping trucks, donkeys and camels to prevent excessive loads of wood being brought into the capital.

"We are looking for ways to reduce consumption [and] have developed other means of conducting heat, by using metal equipment as well as coal," he told BBC Afrique.

"We are trying to get the message across to various groups that could sway opinion, so that we can preserve our forests."

Niger, one of the world's poorest countries, is situated on the edge of the Sahara.

Source : BBC

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