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Grandeur 3D, Renksan Paints train 35 African youth

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As part of efforts to provide African youth with job-creation skills, the management of Grandeur 3D Interior, in collaboration with Renksan Paints, has trained thirty-five youth in entrepreneurship with special focus on 3D design floor, metallic floor, single-colour floor, floor logo branding and other decorative floors.

The training took place in Accra.

Chief Executive Officer of Grandeur 3D, Jerry Ben Carl Odoi, told ClassFMonline.com that the training formed part of the company’s efforts at giving the youth entrepreneurial skills in order to make them employable.

He believes that this would help in minimising the unemployment canker across the sub-region.

“The objective of the training is to create expertise in Epoxy Floor application in Ghana and to introduce Ranksan range of products and to also encourage entrepreneurship among the youth in Ghana and West Africa as a whole,” Mr Odoi said.

He added that: “Grandeur 3D Interior Ghana Limited is a progressive decoration company with a deep-rooted passion for 3D designs and we want to share our skills with others who have the passion delving into this area.

“Our team of dedicated entrepreneurs create and collect 3D interior decors in and around the globe.

“Our decors have a natural touch that gives a 3D impression when viewed from a certain perspective. The result is not only beautiful but has a quality that will sustain throughout the years.”

Mr Odoi further indicated that participants are expected to put the skills acquired to good use and also create opportunities for others.

Source: Ghana/AccraFM.com/100.5FM

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