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Prosecute Police Officer who brutalised woman – GBA to Police

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The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) has called on the Police Administration to prosecute the police officer who brutalised a woman at the Shiashie branch of Midland Savings and Loans Company Limited last Thursday.
Expressing shock at the incident, the GBA said under no circumstance should any citizen or resident of Ghana be subjected to such cruelty.

A video circulating on the social media on Friday showed a middle-aged woman being severally physically assaulted by the armed police officer.

The officer, who was later identified as Godzi Frederick Amanor, hit the woman’s head with an umbrella before landing many blows on her head and face.

A Press statement signed by both the President, Benson Nutsukpui and the General Secretary, Justin A. Amenuvor of GBA said security officers who under the pretense of maintaining peace and order attack, abuse and dehumanise citizens must not escape the arm of the law and victims of such brutalities must receive justice.

“GBA is appalled that a police officer, whose primary duties include ensuring the safety of persons, should brutalise the very person he is duty-bound to protect, with such impunity. The Bar condemns in no uncertain terms the reprehensible and cruel conduct of the police officer,” said the GBA.

GBA described the conduct of the police officer as appalling, despicable and disgraceful, adding that the security of Ghanaians is not only a fundamental human right but also integral to ensuring the rule of law.

Source : graphic.com.gh

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