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My church members see me as a devil – Kurl Songx

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Hip life artist, Kurl Songx, has stated that his church members see him as a devil.

The "Jenenifer Lomotey" hitmaker made the exclusive revelation on the Accra FM's mid-morning show "Ayekoo Ayekoo" with Nana Romeo on Friday, 12 January 2018.

The 2016 MTN Hitmaker winner said,"My pastor does not have problem with me but the members. My Church members see me as a devil anytime they see me at church and in town. Even if he [pastor] has a problem with me, its not my case because at the end of the day I believe its your encounter with God."

"How about those who stand behind the pulpit and act holy [but sin in private], I still sing in church and will sing in Church” he added.

Kurl Songx further bemoaned the hypocrisy among some Christians.

"Everybody thinks the Holy Spirit is there when you pick the mic and sing at church but now they frown their faces when you're into secular music. They frown their face when they see you singing at church as if you're singing for them but I do it for God not You. If you like clap, if you know God is bigger for you, it doesn't matter who is preaching to you. What you are interested in is what the person is saying. You are interested in how God's Supremacy is, not because the person has smoked unwanted substance,” he said.

Kurl Songx won the MTN Hitmaker 2016, shrugging off tense competition from the likes of Sir Tino and F9.

Source: Ghana/AccraFM.com/100.5FM

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