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'Big men' demand sex before sponsoring projects — Miss Ghana 2002

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When Ghanacelebrities.com broke the news of Miss Ghana Pageants being allegedly forced to have sex with “big men” for sponsorship a few months ago, hell broke loose — inferior intimidation tactics were deployed to shut down the allegations.

Well, fast-forward to July 2018, winner of Miss Ghana 2002, Miss Shaida Buari Nubi has confirmed that “big men” demand sex from Pageants before sponsoring projects with their money.

Miss Shaida Buari Nubi who obviously was forced to have sex with “big men” for sponsorship in an interview on Angel TV revealed that a bunch of these “big men” wanted to ‘bang’ her before sponsoring her.

She said;

“I came across a lot of men who said if you want to get sponsored, let me sleep with you. The s3x-for-favour phenomenon abounds. Till today, even within the oil and gas industry [where she works], it’s prevalent”.

She continued that;

“It all boils down to morality. Thankfully, I can beat my chest that I never allowed myself to be used by any man. No man had sex with me in the name of Miss Ghana”.

Source: ghanacelebrities.com

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