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Secondhand fridges dangerous to your health – Energy C’ssion

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Ghanaians must reduce their insatiable taste for secondhand fridges due to the health hazards those fridges pose, Samuel Frimpong, Associate Programmes Officer and Media Relations Director for the Energy Commission, has said.

According to him, some of these secondhand fridges are used for laboratory purposes in the countries where they are manufactured.

He noted that laboratory tools and other gadgets were stored in those fridges; hence storing food in them will result in several health complications.

Mr Frimpong told Chief Jerry Forson, host of the Ghana Yensom show on Accra 100.5FM, on Thursday 14 December 2017 that, the Energy Commission has blocked all the loopholes at the entry points to ensure that these fridges are no longer brought into the country.

He said: “Some of these secondhand fridges that have been imported into the country were used in laboratories in the countries where they were produced but you have local businessmen and women travelling to these countries to gather all the fridges and bring them into Ghana for Ghanaians to buy.

“This raises health concerns and it is one of the reasons why the Energy Commission is advocating the use of brand new fridges with yellow labels on them. You can trust that, these brand new fridges with the Energy Commission’s label are safe for Ghanaians. Some people talk about the cost of purchasing brand new fridges, they claim it is expensive as compared to the secondhand ones, but when you compare the process, you will realise the difference is just small and, so, let us try as much as possible to procure the brand new fridges that will ensure energy efficiency and also protect your health.”


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