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Dambai: Commuters stranded as ferry fails

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Hundreds of commuters have been left stranded at the Kete Krachie-Dambai Ferry Station as the vehicles and persons cannot be ferried across the river.

Authorities at the ferry station say the situation came about because the ferry which is currently stationed at the Dambai overbank cannot be moved due to challenges with the landing site.

The development has left hundreds of people stranded including senior high school students hoping to cross to the other side to register for the Free SHS programme which starts today, Monday 11, September 2017.

Commuters expressed frustration that the situation will affect their businesses.

But a Marine Superintendent for Dambai, Yakubu Tanko speaking to Class news’ Joshua Quodjoe-Mensah expressed shock at the incident. According to him, this should not happen.

“There is some landing [site] effect and that is what is even baffling me right now. The landing [site] is out of reach as the water over floods its bank. Because the landing stage is temporary, made of gravel, it washes the soil off and, therefore, the vessel could not land. In this situation, I think that the landing ramp is hanging. Whenever the vessel comes, there is no landing stage to land on because the water has risen, so the vessel now will come and sit on an obstruction and it wouldn’t allow the vessel to take off,” he stated.

“This is a situation that should actually not happen. I supervised the ferry station at some time in Adorso and Dambia and some of these things under my watch will not happen because you have to put contingency measures in place. As you study the water level, you have to make sure that you have reserved gravel, your back hole and your tipper trucks are ready so that if you have situations like this, that is if there is high tide, it takes two or three hours to fix it and then you start operating,” he added.


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