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People died for Ohemaa Mercy to succeed – Husband

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The husband of gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy, Isaac Twum Ampofo, has disclosed some people close to her wife died before her music career became a success.

“God wanted to lift our ministry to a new height so we prayed over it and told God to kill anybody that was stiffening our growth in the industry and what happened was serious. Every day she (Ohemaa Mercy) was crying because God was taking a number of people she trusted and cherished out of her life… God showed us that without human beings we can still make it… People have died because of this ministry and they are still dying,” Mr Ampofo told Nana Romeo, host of Ayekoo Ayekoo on Accra 100.5FM, on Friday October 28.

Ohemaa Mercy, who was in the studio with her husband, confirmed the story and said she had never regretted heeding the voice of God to do His work.

“Sometimes people in your life become a stumbling block to God’s blessings for you, so sometimes God must make a way for his blessings to locate you. So sometimes when something is leaving your life, let it go so that God will replace it with something new,” she advised.

Ohemaa Mercy entered the gospel music industry in 2004 with the hit song Adamfo Papa, which enjoyed massive airplay. She has five albums to her credit and is credited with hit songs like Wobεyε Kεse, Obεyε Ama Wo, Wofiri Mu, among others.

Source: Ghana/AccraFM.com/100.5FM/Emmanuel Mensah

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